Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend has been crazy busy. This past friday Nolen went out with some friends to play airsoft and had a blast. He is healing from his wounds well hahaha. And then on Sat we met some friends from back home up here in Seattle. We were down there all day and had fun. We met them for lunch and then babysat the kids while the parents went out. This is the family that i nannied for all of those years and havent seen them for months so it was fun to see how they are doing. The kids got along with Nolen great and little Daniel loved him!

And then on Sunday we enjoyed watching General Conference together. We enjoyed the talks and have our favorites. After the 1 pm session we went out on a drive with our friends Chris and Angel. We went up to Snoqualmie Falls. It was B.E.A.utifull! We enjoyed it so much!

So much has gone on since i last posted. My days of liking WA are growing and im actually having more fun. About 3 weeks ago i was called to be in Young Womens as the Beehive Advisor. So far i love it. I have 3 active beehives that come each Sunday. They are very sweet and respectful. Even though as the advisor it is not required to attend mutual i still do. It gives me the opportunity to get to know the girls and leaders better. All of the leaders are in their 20's which is fun. After being called i started thinking....i still have not found a job and realized that i would love to change what im doing. I have always wanted to get a degree in Sociology and this calling has motivated me to go back to school. I have applied for a position in the School District. The job is working with students who are academically at risk. I have total confidence that if i am faithful everything will work out. I have no fear. Nolen is re-enlisting and has a swear-in ceremony at 6:30am on wednesday morning. because of this he gets a week off starting tomorrow. He is re-enlisting for 2 more years, so this is where we will be. The first 6 months he gets to do school which is nice. Then he will go back to active duty and in another 2years we will re-enlist for possibly a different location. We talk more and more of making the Army a career. Its not a bad life and the benefits have been very helpful.

We bought our plane tickets to come home in Dec for Christmas and are very excited. We set our temple date....we will finally be an eternal partnership. We can not wait to be home and to see everyone.


  1. oh my gosh! I am the beehive advisor too!!! that's so weird!
    I am having a hard time being confident enough in myself. I want them to like me so they'll listen to me, but I can't get passed the "I need them to like me" so then I get too self-conscious. They are SO young but I don't want to treat them like kids but I can't talk to them like I would adults! It's so hard to find a balance! I only have like 3 MAX that come to church but one just moved and one is turning 14 tomorrow! I am hoping that means we just combine lessons ahha. Mutual is a lot easier. I feel more relaxed and myself. They are so all so sweet and respectful and I don't know why I worry so much! Any tips? haha.

  2. I am very scared of them too haha they are sweet but don't really participate in class so it is difficult. I'm not sure they like me either, but I'm excited and have to pass the scared thoughts because this is what I want to do!! I want to make a difference and that's what I can't get passed, I just need to use prayer that I will have the spirit with me while I'm preparing and teaching the lessons. It's fun and we need to just loosen up :) I hope this makes sense lol